Where you really get to speak directly to a qualified consumer protection attorney!

Please read why we are so different and effective!

TimeShareBeGone is unlike other timeshare release companies who heavily advertise and you never get to speak to a real attorney because most of the work is being handled by telemarketers, paralegals and employees who send out a series of letters hoping they can get a “favorable outcome” from the resort. A “favorable outcome” still means you might owe money. They usually only mediate and never litigate and their guarantee usually protects the company more than the client.

TimeShareBeGone only handles what our assigned attorneys can efficiently execute and give your case the personal attention that it requires, which is why we can offer a 100% Guarantee with one low flat rate fee. Seriously! How many attorneys would it take to handle thousands of cases a month? You are being misled if you feel an actual attorney is giving your case full attention.

TimeShareBeGone helps Timeshare owners get dismissal from the contractual responsibilities of their timeshares through legal representation by experienced consumer protection attorneys who file litigation on behalf of the timeshare owners.

All for one low flat fee!

  •   Were you pressured to buy?
  •   Do you fully understand what you       purchased?
  •   Was your financing totally disclosed?
  •   Do you feel like you were totally misled?
  •   Did they tell you had to buy "today"?
  •   Are your Maintenance dues increasing?
  •   Are you able to use what you purchased?
  •   Did you feel like you were being held   captive?

Sound Familiar?

If any of the above applies…we can help!

We have over 50 years of timeshare experience to help you get that Timeshare noose off your neck and let the TimeShareBeGone!

Or contact  Resolve@TimeShareBeGone.com

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TimeShareBeGone 100% Guarantee

TimeShareBeGone Guarantees that a cooperating Client will be released from contractual Ownership of their Timeshare, Vacation Ownership or Vacation Club obligations or a full refund of service fee will be returned to Client.

Just answer the following questions to begin. We will respond within 48 hours
and let you know if you we can help you with your timeshare dilemma.

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 All data collected on this site is secured and never shared.

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