Where you really ​can talk to a consumer protection attorney!

100% ​Money Back Guarantee

Myth… A legal cancellation through an attorney always cost more.

Truth… TimeShareBeGone has a low flat legal cancellation fee.

80% of our new clients have been referred to us!


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Why we are different and effective!

​We guarantee that every case handled will be executed by a qualified
consumer protection attorney experienced in timeshare cancellations.

Don't Get Burned At Both Ends!

Seriously! How many attorneys would it take a national advertised company to handle hundreds of  cases each month? You are being misled if you feel an actual attorney is giving your case full attention.

A lot of national timeshare exit companies have hired people who were previous timeshare salespeople and have mislead families into buying a timeshare. They are using the same high pressure techniques with an experienced closer! They are the same financial predators and will try to get every dollar they can from you and still not be successful in your timeshare cancellation.


Were you pressured to buy?

Were you misled?


​Maintenance fees increasing?

Were you held Captive?

"​​I tried this company TimeShare BeGone after reaching out to multiple other similar companies and though I was skeptical about all of them this company gave me the most assurance of mind that they could get not only get the job done in getting me released but their cost was significantly less than other companies I looked into. During the process, I was very happy that I received updates in a very timely manner as well as timely responses to any questions I had. I would definitely recommend this company if you want to get out of your timeshare because in my research it is my understanding that the company they were able to get me released from is one of the most difficult ones."
  - A C

​"We are extremely excited joyful and happy that we were able to exit our timeshare in less than 30 days. This has been an unexpected blessing. We owe it all through TimeShareBeGone's well organized program. A dedicated group of professionals. It's been a burden lifting experience. I am very appreciative of them."
  - The Scott's

​"TimeShareBeGone is well needed as there are fakes out there taking people's money and providing zero results. Thank you for getting my Timeshare released."
  - The Mathis's

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