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​Myth...A legal cancellation through an attorney always costs more.

Truth...TimeShareBeGone ​has a low flat legal cancellation fee and payment plan.

​TimeShareBeGone ...  Offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all TimeShare Cancellation Cases

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We guarantee that every case handled will be executed by a qualified consumer protection attorney experienced in timeshare cancellations. Seriously! How many attorneys would it take a national advertised company to handle hundreds of cases each month? You are being misled if you feel an actual attorney is giving your case full attention. A lot of national timeshare exit companies have hired people who were previous timeshare salespeople and have mislead families into buying a timeshare. They are using the same high pressure techniques with an experienced closer! They are the same financial predators and will try to get every dollar they can from you and still not be successful in your timeshare cancellation.

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Since 2007

A Message from TimeShareBeGone Founder Myron Smith

Thank you for considering TimeShareBeGone.

I appreciate your due diligence in finding the right company to get your timeshare legally cancelled. 

I also appreciate the timeshare dilemma you are in and our team will get you out from under this financial parasite regardless if you purchased, inherited or if the timeshare was given to you.

No one wakes up in the morning and says “Let’s go buy a timeshare today”.

The resort put you on their calendar to sell you.

You did not put them on your calendar to purchase.

Over 95% of initial timeshares are sold by “programmed sales”.  

The timeshare industry has rightfully earned their fraudulent reputation through the actions of promoting high-pressure sales techniques that take advantage of consumers and the most vulnerable.

It starts with a “free Incentive” to come to a “90 minute” meeting that lasts several hours of hearing unfulfilled promises.

By design they want to wear you out until you purchase.

The resort’s mission is not about offering vacationing (that is the bait) but to get as much of your hard earned money as they can and for you to pay the resort money the rest of your entire life and continue into your estate.

Your purchase will include  a high interest mortgage, rising maintenance fees, ongoing assessments, membership and transfer fees forever.

You will then experience all the broken promises about vacations and fulfillment.  

When you do vacation they will keep bothering you during your visit to sell you more by asking you to come to an owners review meeting and the process starts all over.

The good news there is relief.

We will get you the legal cancellation you deserve.

Remember in the future:  If they don’t give you a key, don’t buy it!

Myron Smith

What Our Clients Say

"We talked to several so-called timeshare exit companies. Most do not even have attorneys and would not give us the attorney's name. TimeShareBeGone was the only one that would give us the name of the attorney that would handle our case. They were very upfront and did they deliver! We no longer are obligated to a timeshare. Their price was also the cheapest and our cancellation was done legally."

- ​Albert H
​   5 stars

"These people are amazing. I thank God that I found them. They are somebody you can trust and depend on. I live 10 hours away and they took care of everything. I've never been so happy in all my life. TimeShareBeGone, Love You guys. May God-bless you in many ways. Cause you sure have bless me."

- Patty Oliver Locke

​"TimeShareBeGone is well needed as there are fakes out there taking people's money and providing zero results. Thank you for getting my Timeshare released."

-​ The Mathis's

​"​When I started working with this company I was drowning in debt and worry about this timeshare. I was angry that I let myself be duped. As a single mom I knew I had to get out of this lifelong commitment and be free. This company did just that. They worked with me and when I had questions I called and they put my mind at ease. They are straightforward and compassionate. They were truly on my side. Today I am timeshare free and I could not be happier! The best thing I could have done was put my trust in them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

-​ ​Jonelle M

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five stars

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